What Are The Most Important Trading Terms

Put options are purchased by those who think a stock may decline in price. The expression is thought to have been derived from blue gambling chips, which is the highest denomination of chips used in casinos. As well as issuing new shares, companies sometimes buy back existing ones. List of Bullish Strategies. It is accompanied with a new listing date.

4 are considered bearish. A call from a clearinghouse to a clearing member, or from a broker or firm to a customer, to bring margin deposits up to a required minimum level. It is comprised of 30 corporations spanning many different industries. – Someone who wants to sell their shares of a stock, losing ownership Stock Broker – Person/Company who executes trades for you. Traders derive technical indicators from this sequence, through various mathematical artifices. Read more about Risk Graphs.

Is the price that buyers are willing to pay for that specific offer.

A liquid stock is one with a high daily volume. Buying more of a security at a price that is lower than the price paid for the initial investment. The market maintained by securities dealers for issues not listed on a stock exchange. Warrants are not exercisable after the expiry date. Annualized rate of return also can be called compound growth rate. Price breaks support and creates sell signals.

Brokers are the link between investors and the stock market.

Bear Market Definition

Work on the NASDAQ exchange, but are not actually at the exchange. A sell creates a closed lot since it is the closing transaction for an open lot. When investors buy different securities, they want to be able to compare expected annual returns.

A bullish investment strategy where the investor buys a call option, which is a leveraged position to potentially control shares of stock for a small premium. The type of order instructing the execution of the entire order quantity at the stated price (or better), or none of it. The market improves because the spread between the bid and offer decreases.

The trading day before the ex-dividend/distribution (ex-d) date.

Exchange Definition

A classification of TSX Venture Exchange-listed companies that are in the early stages of development and meet the minimum asset, market value and shareholder distribution requirements for Tier 2 listing. An option where the price of the underlying security is the same as the strike price. The second to last letter stands for the expiration month of the contract. On an Arithmetic (Linear) scale chart, the spacing between each point on the vertical scale is identical. Some stock market terms — such as bull and bear, which I’ll cover below — also apply to other investment vehicles, such as real estate. The total number of shares traded on one side of the transaction. CBOE VIX - See VIX.

Channel- A chart pattern comprised of two parallel trend lines which form a trading band. Typically about three weeks before the dividend is paid to shareholders of record. An analysis of cryptocurrency, bitcoin, and the future. An investor who sells an option contract not currently held (selling the option short) is said to have written the option.

They rise more during bull markets but also fall more during bear markets and are typically stocks of fast-growing small companies. Ohmydosh - make money online today, before you decide to start reaching out to all of these freelance writing companies, you need to have a web presence. The unique, 3-digit number assigned to each Participating Organization and Member to identify it for market transparency. A style of analyzing the value of a financial instrument by studying certain specific factors that relate to the true value of that security.

Stocks also show daily highs and lows.


Normally, it implies a preponderance of short options over either long options or long stock. Also called average weighted maturity. The ratio, named after William F. A change in a listed issuer's stock symbol, which may be required by the Exchange in the context of an issuer's reorganization or may be made at the request of the issuer. Candlestick- A price chart that displays the high, low, open, and close for a security each day over a specified period of time. Read all about Calendar Strangle.

Money-Center Bank:

Asset Definition

The term investment is more generic than security. Commodity forward contracts are customisable. Default rates refer to the percent of loans that are not repaid within a given sector, region or style of bonds. A special type of financial trust that allows an investor to buy an entire basket of stocks through a single security, which tracks and matches the returns of a stock market index. The price paid per $100 of a debt instrument's face value traded. Usually odd lots are difficult for trading and it is not accepted easily in the market. It is a measure in percentage terms of how much income you can derive from the security. A 403(b) is a retirement plan that is similar to a 401(k) only it's offered in the non-profit sector.

Buy Definition

An option with a lower striking price is bought and one with a higher striking price is sold, both generally having the same expiration date. A member of an exchange who trades for his own account or fills orders for customers. “Hawkish” is also used when a central bank tightens monetary policy more quickly than market participants expect, or raises interest rates higher than expected. A "virtual stock exchange"--that is, a stock market without a trading floor whose orders are made through a computer network (Usually, high-tech stocks are listed here.) The trust's assets may consist of residential mortgages, mortgage co-ownership interests, mortgage-backed securities, other eligible investments, and other qualified debt obligations. A synthetic position which is essentially the same as owning puts. Line chart – A single line that connects stock prices is called a line chart.

A type of spread that is cash negative i. Meetup 27.07., to be a part of the community and contribute to the next fundraiser you can download a wallet on your laptop or mobile device. Price declines would only be denoted by a column of Os if price fell, say, 1. A type of order used to buy or sell financial instruments at a specified maximum or minimum price respectively.

00, that are profitable, and that are within 10% of their year low. Common board lot size are 50, 100, 500, 1000 units. Bitcoin miners hit .7b in revenue this year, but it’s becoming unprofitable. Private company sells shares to public for first time to raise capital. Read about the Effects of Dividends on Stock Options. The objective is to generate fixed, cumulative, preferential dividends for the holders of preferred shares and to enable the holders of the capital shares to participate in any capital appreciation (or depreciation) in the underlying common shares. An order that must be filled completely or the trade will not take place. The price specified in a contract at which the holder of the contract can exercise their option. 862 is passing.


This is the theoretical rate of change of an option’s price relative to the price of its underlying, times the contract multiplier. Kicker A provision for equity participation which is often added to a new debt issue to make it more attractive in the market. Spread betting is a straightforward and tax-efficient way of leveraging the financial markets. Spread A position involving a long and short option of different strike prices or expirations, or both. The dollar amount of the last trade for the particular stock, index or option. The best online brokerage accounts for beginners to experienced investors, in general, we prefer the lowest fees possible, and like it even better when a share dealer doesn’t charge any platform fee at all. A contract that gives the holder the flexibility of choosing to exercise their option at any point between buying the contract and the contract expiring.

Each time a stock is bought and sold, it is displayed on an electronic ticker tape. It is similar to the Sharpe and Sortino ratios. A position that's created using a combination of stocks and options, or a combination of different positions, to emulate another stock position or option position. TRIV is calculated only at the end of the trading session for all S&P/TSX indices. See also Double Top. Any change in the issued and outstanding listed securities of an issuer.


Many investors will try to look for positions with a low bid/ask spread to reduce potential loss if the position needs to be closed. Buyer will accept price lower than limit and seller higher than limit. A firm or person engaged in soliciting or accepting and handling orders for the purchase or sale of futures contracts, subject to the rules of a futures exchange and, who, in connection with solicitation or acceptance of orders, accepts any money or securities to margin any resulting trades or contracts. 0 work from homeu0026amp;l=schaumburg, il jobs near illinois, the more survey sites you sign up for, the more you’ll make. Point and figure chart. The exchange that the issue is listed on sets the ex-dividend/distribution (ex-d) date for entitlement.

Also known as an uncovered option, this is where the writer of a contract doesn'tt have a corresponding position in the underlying security to protect them against unfavorable price movements. The price is determined by the policies of the TSX Company Manual or TSX Venture Corporate Finance Manual; the price is not adjusted for the value of the flow-through tax benefit available to the security holder. Over-the-Counter-Market:

You can use these or traditionally structured mutual funds in your portfolio. Also referred to as a Managed Account. Mutual funds are liquid because their shares can be redeemed for current value (which may be more or less than the original cost) on any business day. A stock is said to be on an uptick when the last trade occurred at a higher price than the one before it. An overall consensus of opinion, whether bullish or bearish, usually marks an extreme. It is most often a percentage of the face value of the bond. As an example, if gamma is.

Naked Call

5 then a one point change in the stock price will change the option price by $0. Work at home customer service representative jobs, this means that you too can become a customer service representative, and right in the comfort of your own home. Total market capitalization for a market is obtained by adding together all individual issue market capitalizations (warrants and rights excluded). In theory, this can dramatically increase your rate of return, but practically, it is extremely difficult or impossible to consistently make the right decisions at the right time over the long term. Portfolio - A collection of investments owned by one organization or individual, and managed as a collective whole with specific investment goals in mind.

The fund itself holds the individual stocks, in the case of equity funds, or bonds, in the case of bond funds.

A motion to buy (purchase price), indicating a willingness to buy a futures contract at a given price. Usually, they are traded as securities themselves, with buyers and sellers trying to profit from price changes. For example, if an issuer pays $0. A yield curve shows the relationship between the yield on securities and their maturities (how long it is until they can be redeemed at their face value). Top 10 online investing courses for beginners, some investors just want practical information that they can use to grow their retirement savings, and some want to know how to open the accounts they’ll need to grow their money without memorizing a bunch of mumbo-jumbo. This percentage is adjusted for the time of day. They argue that while this may not violate the wash sale rule, it could still be considered an indirect related party sale and the losses could nonetheless be disallowed.

In the US, these are referred to as Treasuries. Stock option contracts are generally for the right to buy or sell 100 shares of the underlying stock (100 is the multiplier). Frequently called municipal bonds or munis, whether they were issued by a state government or agency, or by any local political district or subdivision. Market timing - A risky investment strategy that calls for buying and selling securities in anticipation of market conditions. The ICCP is calculated without reference to volatility parameters. A type of option that uses a quarterly expiration cycle.

Short Stock

Read ALL About In The Money Options here. In-The-Money Option A call option is in-the-money if the strike price is less than the market price of the underlying security. Realize (a profit or loss) - The act of closing a position, incurring a profit or a loss. There are many different types of stock trades that you can submit to your stockbroker but be careful about becoming over-reliant on them. This policy requires all listed companies to publicly disclose material information in a timely manner. When you invest money, you earn interest on your capital. With regards to Futures, the cost of storing a physical commodity, such as grain or metals, over a period of time.

Also referred to as Maximum Price Fluctuation. GICS are used to classify the constituents of many indices worldwide. Taxpayers will generally run afoul of the wash sale rule when they sell stocks at a loss and then repurchase the same stock, or an option to acquire that stock, within 30 days (excluding the date of the sale and the date of the requisition).

Long Call Verticals

For more information please read Full Service Brokers vs Discount Brokers. Stagflation is a nasty mix of rising prices (based on high demand, production capacity constraints, or both) and falling growth. An order that's placed when you want to close an existing long position through selling the contracts you have previously bought. Read more on Auto Trading. The share price may be static or falling, despite increasing earnings. Exchange calls are due immediately. For instance, borrowing money at a relatively low short-term rate and lending it out a higher long-term rates. Literally, the bottom line on an income statement (a. )

Net Income

From its creation date to its expiration date an options time value decays away and any value left is intrinsic value which rises or falls with the price of the stock. The percent time value is the time value shown as a percent of the stock price. How do i get started investing online?, fees shown are for SGX Singapore dollar stocks only. Unlike a mutual fund, the investments in a unit do not change and are not replaced if they mature or are called. The idea is that different legs of a price move will be roughly the same length.

Year-end “bond-swaps” are common planning techniques.