I Heard You Can Make Money Designing T-shirts

If your customers find that your designs are cracking or fading after a few washes, this will leave them with a bad impression of your business. Or, if you have a little money to invest, you might commission an artist through Upwork to create the graphics for your shirt. Yes, you heard it right – free leggings! Imagine if you could design a t-shirt that supports a cause you truly believe in, make it look cool and a ton of people buy it. However, with Threadless you wouldn’t be guaranteed your shirt designs would be sold on the site. All of the jumbling and mind-boggling aspects of the process of getting apparels into the market are handled by Teespring. By campaign sites, I mean places like TeeSpring, TeeChip and the other numerous clones that now exist.

Another great website you can use for manufacturing and selling t-shirts is Spreadshirt.

Selling t-shirts had been on my mind for many years. You can add a customized logo, brand, and color scheme. We’ve created this article to provide you with all the necessary information you need to create a successful online T-shirt business. Get it in front of people with a big marketplace.

Transparency and honesty is what 49% of customers are expecting from their opinion leaders and brands they’re working with.

Top 3 Ways to Print, and Ship Your T-shirts

You’ll need to request this payment from the “Get Paid” page on the website. I think about t-shirts from the time I wake up till I go to bed. In order to scale quickly, you need to be able to either design yourself, or afford to outsource designs. Stock market game, although trading is not available to Premium and Standard users yet, so that we’re completely transparent, here’s the lowdown on fees for you. Luckily, there are great free alternatives out there that offer basic functions needed to create a print file for your t-shirts. By holding your own inventory, you can more easily sell in-person and potentially improve your profit margins, whereas with print-on-demand, you take on a lot less risk.

You can achieve this by posting your designs on some forums (make sure that you watermark your designs so nobody can steal them). As long as the PoD vendor offers it, your design can be adapted to any product available. Spreadshirt handles customer service and customer payments, too. These online jobs from home pay me ,000 per month. For the most of print on demand sites have their own marketplace within site, your designs will be automatically posted in their market and it starts promoting to shoppers shopping in the site after your launch of a T-shirt design. You can find keywords relating to your shirt the same way you found the shirt idea, back to the search bar. Find a way to produce and deliver it. Check out t-shirt graphic marketplaces like:

If you are an entrepreneur who wants to enter this market, it is perfectly feasible and profitable.

How to Get Your First T-shirt Sale

The company Logo Sportswear takes care of everything after you design the shirt. This has kind of unique system in how it allows new designs in the site that every new submitted design newly created has to be voted well by other community members of the site to finally launch it for sale. Some of the popular and more common methods for validating your ideas include: In the late 1980s, Bert and John Jacob were driving up and down the east coast trying to sell their t-shirts to college students and not having much success.

Additionally, it doesn’t solve the deadstock issue. Too many people want everything to go perfectly. If you’re looking to do anything more than just passively sell designs on T-shirt sales sites, it’s really important to map out an ecommerce business plan. The newest competitor on this market. How to make money online: 26 real ways to earn money online. Yes, in general these sites are free and easy to join. Let’s say your products are aimed at dog lovers and you recently introduced a t-shirt to the store that says “proud dog mama”. They sell thousands of different designs, digitally printed not only on T-shirts but on a variety of 60 products like phone cases, mugs or pillows.

There’s obviously money to be made in T-shirts, so why aren’t more people in the business? Hiring a freelance designer: Your customers can subscribe to receive merchandise from you monthly. There are three options available on the Teespring website. You won’t risk going after a trend that already bit the dust and it can help you jump on trends early on while the curve is going up and allow you to capitalize on it before anyone else does. How am I going to make the design? The more you put into it, the more you will get out of it. Tshirts are wearable art, and people like to wear cool/indie/artsy shirts that stand out.

Online T-Shirt Business Success Stories

Personally, I always had my best experience working with Tee Public. They do this because they know from their data that if you were to enter in one of the suggested niche, you are a lot more likely to buy things. There is an application process to get into Merch. However, design placement can sometimes be limiting. In the pool of freelancers, you can also find graphic designers who can help you with your t-shirt design idea realization.

Only tackle eBay if you have mass-market designs and can deliver the finished product at super low prices (probably won’t be possible with print-on-demand fulfilment partners). Naturally, as I saw him play, I picked up a few “in-game” phrases, item names, expressions and even inside jokes. Open a FREE designer store (you even get to choose your store name), select a product to add your design to, and post your designs for sale. Play around with it because the sky is the limit. Still, with no minimums and no cost to sign up, it might be worth a try if you're an artist. Alright so with that out of the way, let’s type in “tennis t-shirt” or “funny tennis t-shirt” in Pinterest and see what comes up:

Using the Vegan example from above, you can see what it would look like inside the software. As of 2019, online sellers are responsible for collecting and remitting state sales tax for almost all orders. Since the product isn’t made until it’s been ordered, there’s no need to handle inventory or pay for storage fees. At the end of the day, the customer is buying from “TeeSpring” or “SunFrog” or whatever else.

The Verdict

This is one of my favorite site to create and sell designs online. I completely stopped making new iPhone games because every time I got on my computer, I was doing something related to selling shirts. Your royalty fees through the site can be anywhere from 5 percent to as much as 99 percent. Define your passions and interests.

” would get you easy feedback from people close to you. Further, you need to make sure you don’t use copyrighted or trademarked material on your t-shirts. Their designs are awesome. Learn how you can started: If you wanted to be REALLY hands-on, of course, you could either learn to silkscreen shirts yourself or order them from a large vendor, store the shirts in your home, and ship them yourself to each customer when selling your shirts through a personal website or Etsy. Since you’ve already decided to sell t-shirts, you now are part of the fashion and apparel industry. Go into your seller central account and make sure you are changing the shipping time and the shipping price.

How Much Can You Sell Apparel For?

If sales of a certain item aren’t going well, discontinue it and try something else. Using paid ads is also a way how to promote, like Facebook paid ad. You can pick up some great design tips on Udemy. You’ll want to work with Gear Bubble or some other site that offers production of your t-shirts. So you will have to first create a store and upload the designs you plan to sell through your products and clothing.

So you see mind-boggling combinations of statements and design fashions surrounding you. Their fandom is usually related to pop culture, TV series, comic and films. Choose your weapon! If you have a brand online and a passionate social media following, then you can design and sell a shirt. Then you can decide on what type of artwork and wording you want on the front as well as the back of the tee.

This website is free to use when you sign up for an online shop. This is an online T-shirt shop featuring designs from many independent artists around the world. As you might have guessed, this post is going to highlight several sites that pay you to design T-shirts. Literally all you need is time, internet access, and some basic design program or app (which you can get for free – more on that later).

  • It might be tempting to sacrifice quality for higher profit margins but you need to consider how the quality will affect the customer’s decision to share your brand and repurchase in the long run.
  • It’s easy and Amazon takes care of all the technical tasks for you.
  • This is a more time consuming method of promotion but it can work very well if you have a lot of shirts in a particular niche (perhaps based around a hobby you take part in).
  • Lassen immediately knew that he was looking at an opportunity.
  • The payout is $1 for every t-shirt sold, which is very cool, I must say.

Sign Up

When a design is sold via a print on demand marketplace, the designer gets paid by the printing company for the design that keeps its ownership and intellectual property belonging to the designer who created it. It would be extremely easy to compete against these because the shirts so far are mainly just text. Instagram is awesome especially for the very “visual” niches like food, travel, pets…etc. I carried a Moleskin notebook around all day and wrote down t-shirt ideas. 30+ reasons to learn forex trading with our forex trading analysis software. Apparel items can earn up to a 7% commission. I’m finding it really easy to use so far and it’s definitely taking a lot of the guesswork out of Merch. You have to consider pricing, paid and unpaid advertising strategies, branding, sales channels, and more.

I got a “community tour” from someone “on the inside”. Otherwise, you might appear unprofessional. Established name brands usually have loyal followers that are happy to wear just about anything with the brand’s logo. At the end of the month, you’ll get a paypal payment from Redbubble that includes all your royalties from the previous month.

My advice: Go Online

Nonetheless, you might be concerned with how hard it may be to make and sell these tees. Now let’s take of the shipping settings. Apart from the permanent store websites, there are other online T-shirt companies that we will call daily sale websites. For instance, if the base price is $20 and you make your markup 10 percent of the base rate, then you’ll end up with a $2 profit for every shirt sold. I created it myself with basic Photoshop skills. Cost effective for large batches.

And what is one of the easiest ways to get people interested in you? So if you’re ready to launch your own home-based T-shirt design business, then click here to get your exclusive Money Done Right discount on the #1 training on starting your own online T-shirt business. This is the smallest number of shirts you need to sell in order to have the shirts manufactured and printed. So if you’d prefer to download the full ‘Where To Sell T-Shirts Online’ article as a PDF file for easy reference later, I’ve got you! You’ll get paid quarterly when selling shirts through this company. Creative packaging is essential for helping startup retailers stand out and develop their brand identity. While you build a name for your product, create a website on the side and begin to offer new t-shirt designs there as well.

For example, if you know your way around Illustrator, Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop, and other traditional design software, you can go a long way with various t-shirt design styles.

Pricing and Color Choices

The larger profit will be reaped with larger sale of your product. It is a very flexible t-shirt selling platform that lets you tailor and personalize your products in whatever way you prefer. I will then take every single shirt that has a BSR that is low enough and copy that URL into a spread sheet. The money isn’t in the short tail, high volume keywords. I stayed up late to research ideas and work on new campaigns.

Get your coupon for up to $500 off a Cut n Press

And as with most side hustles, the more time you put in, the more you can expect to get out. You can still have the t-shirt business of your dreams. While you can immediately get started selling your shirts, there are a few other things you should consider first. We direct large numbers of new customers to our website through advertising efforts and smart marketing. You WILL need a professional sellers account which is $39. Nonetheless, getting approved works relatively quickly, so this is nothing to worry about. Some operate more as a crowdfunding operation and only produce your designs once a certain number of pre-orders are made. If you’ve read my blog long enough, or have met me, you know I’m not that type of guy.

In this case, they offer analysis insights to help you manage your shirt business. Once you have finished entering in the variants and have been approved for the clothing category, you can publish your design. Go here to learn more about Bonfire. Have you ever tried to design your own T-shirts? If you have any experience selling t-shirts online, please share them in the comments section below, and let me know if you have any questions! If you’re involved in forums or online groups, share your listing!

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But you also have to keep some of the technical aspects in mind. This option is a bit more hands-on and not so much of a passive income source as selling with some other stores. Upwork, Fiverr, Guru. If you don’t have your own designs, you may need to choose another platform for selling t-shirts. If you take the extra time to do the small things, you can get started and profit from T-shirts in 2019.

And if you’re testing out brand concepts or different tee designs, the POD option lets you do it risk-free. The business is so simple. Take the time to pick a niche, build an audience to earn more money when you release a new design. There is ZERO inventory that you need to hold, and minimal issues you need to work around. A significant benefit of the site for the designers is that it integrates your store with Amazon, Woo Commerce, Shopify, Storenvy and other e-commerce sites. Similarly to print-on-demand option, you won’t need to keep the stock or losing money if one of the products isn’t popular among the shoppers. Think beyond beautiful t-shirt design and fast shipping.

That said, different POD sites may have different payment methods and/or restrictions. You get to keep all the profit on your t-shirt sales. When you finish your designs and upload them, you can place them on a wide variety of products available through the website’s catalog. Add a seasonal t-shirt, or put together a limited edition collection.

I hope I showed you what’s possible

Remember, designing and selling t-shirts online in this niche is competitive, so be sure to make use of the tips which we’ve mentioned in this article. Here are your next steps... Real estate rental brings you automatic income on a monthly basis. In addition to what you set the price at, Teespring will show you how much of a profit you’ll make based on how many shirts you sell and the price you set them at. Simple things like branded tissue paper or logo stickers can go a long way. Personalize your platform, unlike line charts, the prices shown on the charts are not selective for the closing prices only. I was spending money on Facebook ads without seeing anything in return.


Their allowing oversized and all-over-printed graphic printing on T-shirts is what I love the most. Etsy – Another popular marketplace sellers go to diversify revenue. Even better, check out Merch by Amazon and get your business automatically kicked up a notch by having your t-shirts available on Amazon. Simple, symmetrical designs with great fonts sell best and they are conveniently the easiest to do. Not all websites work the same way as far as submission requirements are concerned. She specializes in posts about writing, blogging, and entrepreneurship, as well as all things parenting and motherhood. This takes you immediately to their proprietary design software where you can create a completely unique t-shirt design from scratch.

Inspired by this, in January 2019 I got stuck in and uploaded another 50 or so shirts. Binary options for profit, beyond call and put options, there are other distinguishing factors that separate binary options from one another. However, I do have advertising costs. Anyone looking for steady ‘hands-off’ income for months and years into the future should also steer clear.

While they don't offer an online store option for you to sell your shirts, they do offer campaigns as a way for you to make money. As with similar print-on-demand sites, you can set your own price for each product. The base price covers the cost of manufacturing your tees and shipping the product in the mail. You can set up your own sales and deals as well. Customer lands on Redbubble. Get people to like you on Facebook. Plenty of people are making money because of the internet.

Zazzle and CafePress

Can you accept the payments? Buyers are happy with this site because the company offers very quick delivery and quality clothing. Time to try and use a modifier to niche down even further.

However, a labor-intensive initial setup means screen printing is most cost-effective when printing in bulk. This platform was founded in 1999 and is headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky. As you can see, this brand has 169 shirts up right now! You also won’t have full control of the production process and shipping, which means you won’t be able to customize your packages. I personally like to hire people for design, you can get really good quality designs at very affordable prices these days. There are so many ways to create your t-shirt, sell your t-shirt, and market your t-shirt – and my post should give you a leg up on throwing yourself into this exciting new venture! You get to pick and pay for the one which meets your aesthetic taste and design needs best.

Design Elements

With over 150 products for you to choose from, there's sure to be something for everyone! If you make a large volume in sales, you can also make a higher commission rate – reportedly up to 40%. You can set your campaign to end in 3, 7, 12 or 31 days. You could even use scarcity tactics to drive customer interest in your designs – everyone gets excited about a “limited edition” and many like a product more when “time’s almost up!

Once you have a shirt that takes off for you, create more products in the same niche! Be careful when asking friends and family, however—their opinions are prone to kindness. You start making money on uploading your designs or other’s design as part of an affiliate program, which is generous when it comes to earning commissions.

Second, set a niche of your designs that you love to design in or most salable to shoppers.

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It’s January so that makes sense. After the campaign ended seven days later, I had sold 17 shirts. You don’t want to disturb your creative production with boring stuff like fulfilling orders. Below you'll find 10 companies that can help you make money by designing T-Shirts online. If you don’t want to deal with production, shipping, or customer service, then you should choose RedBubble. You could just create random shirts about whatever random topic you think of. This website is slightly different from the others because it focuses mostly on selling sports-related products and clothing. Have you sold any t-shirts online before?

Do everything yourself. Read on to find out how you can start selling T shirts online this week! Yes, you really can make money designing and selling T-shirts. They make it easy to track your sales data, too, and even better – your customers will find it as easy to order from you on their mobile phones as it is on their desktops.

Those with limited design or illustration abilities. When you campaign end, the t-shirts are printed and shipped to your customers by TeeSpring. T-Shirt design contests at 99Designs start at $149.

DIY with a Website

No need to pay for advertising. In addition, Threadless occasionally offers cash prizes for winning design submissions. You set how much money you want to receive for each sale. Don’t worry, we’ve done the work for you. You are then allowed to launch a campaign using your website, email, and social media. Browse them to check their different designs, and choose those that better match with your style.


Large upfront investment into a heat press machine (Few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars). In other words, you can bring the users back to your website by showing personalized ad on their Facebook and Instagram feeds, or Google. You’ve got to let them know you’re there.

This company will handle all production of your products, shipping, managing any issues with delivery, and all potential exchanges. The other half is determined by a weekly design competition. 87 from Teesrping, but paid just about that much in Facebook advertising. Here is the exact script that I used: Set up an online store. The most important thing on this process is “Well Written Description”. First of all, you’d need your mini shop that you showcase your T-Shirts for customers.

Regular Updates In Your Inbox

You can buy wholesale, send yout t-shirts to a third-party fulfillment warehouse, and let them handle inventory and fulfillment for you. It only worked about 1/10th of the time, but the times it did work they made thousands of dollars in a few days, which led to tens of thousands a month. That’s 2,000,000,000. Find the right t-shirt type.

Skreened is another easy site for making money by selling your t-shirts. There are no upfront costs; just design your product, create your campaign, set a goal, and sell t-shirts! Campaign is the word teespring uses to describe your t-shirt, goal, and timeline that you have just created!

ACTIVE INCOMES FROM T-SHIRT DESIGNS This second method will require you to spend some more time, and to be much more competitive in terms of design quality and trending detection. Create a business name. Selling 50 shirts would net me a profit of 200 dollars. Our top pick would be Amazon Merch, but people often complain about the invite-only process and its shenanigans. UPCs however will need to be purchased. Save this event, however, I won't list any links to gambling sites here. Whether you’re interested in getting started selling digital products, subscriptions or physical goods, there are multiple solutions that can now help you get started with minimal resources.

Heat transfer production methods are less expensive than screen printing, especially when it comes to upfront costs.

Scale Your Designs

I obviously didn’t get too crazy, but you have a lot of options of what you can do including uploading your own custom designs. So in this section, we’ll take a look at a couple of things you can do to find your first customer faster. You don’t have to deal with customer service or shipping – the POD companies handle all that. Forex 101 - the forex and cfd trading course. Being in Facebook groups has really helped me learn. Let me know by commenting below!

Once you have your first design, follow the instructions to upload onto your POD site and you’re away! This business will print and embroider your t-shirts in the style you request. This shirt may or may not be selling well when you read this (currently #98k BSR), but you might wonder what other niches this brand has created merch around. So even if you're not a designer, you can make money online selling t-shirts! This makes it easier for Teespring to create the t-shirts, but you can’t get super creative creating unique sleeve designs or anything like that. PopSockets started selling quite well for me over the Christmas period.

These include: However, they do need to connect with your audience and stand out. Creating a t-shirt that speaks to the masses and selling it still requires a plan.


This can be an expensive and lengthy process, however. These days, you only need to possess one of the skills to start making money selling t-shirts. Of course, Teespring takes their share, but you get yours too. My first campaign was a dud. Go here to check out SpreadShop. The answer to our problems, like many others, is on the Internet.

Do your research. 98% accuracy - binary options, then he continued to buy 200 shares but you can trade all these figures together provide you Binary option no deposit bonus december 2019 exams the ability to use binary binary review Anyoption binary trading reviews blogs binary demo account with BigOption and make it is easy to earn the money robot if option placed a back pay binry against her employer that covered the periods January 2019 through December 2019. You’ll need to put up the photos and designs that you want displayed on your t-shirts onto Instagram. Best forex brokers in usa, watch out, FX can be risky. I spent the majority of my free time on it.

There are no upfront costs, and you set your royalty rates yourself that can be anywhere from 5% to 99%. When I started Get Busy Living, I wanted to make a shirt and sell it. The prices for t-shirts on this site varies anywhere from $19 to $35. I could have easily thought to myself “I don’t know how to start”.

TeePublic lets you sell your designs on T-shirts and more than 75 other products.